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EthniFacts challenges outdated assumptions and provides structure and metrics to provide innovative direction to connect with all consumers.  These media releases reflect some of our important milestones:

Wine Market Council Launches New Study to Better Engage Younger and Multicultural Consumers

Latino Leaders Sept/Oct 2023 - Data for Business Success: A conversation with Mike Lakusta, CEO/Founding Partner of EthniFacts

EthniFacts LHEI report in Hotel News Now

EthniFacts is proud of their work on the inaugural "Latino Hotel and Entrepreneurship Investment" (LHEI) Report. View the press release here.

Latino Hotel and Entrepreneurship Investment Report 2023 

Wine Market Council Research Reveals the Top Cultural Wine Barriers and Opportunities for Hispanic and African American Consumers

Wine Market Council, EthniFacts investigate how to better market wine to people of color

Forbes article cites the Multiplier Effect of Supplier Diversity

EthniFacts Keynote at the Latino Hotel Association Conference

GSD&M, EthniFacts publish white paper highlighting the Multiplier Effect of Supplier Diversity

EthniFacts RVA and How It Impacted the 2020 Election

Latino Trump Supporters 2020: Who are they? 

Nielsen's 10th African American Consumer Report Explores The Power Of The Black Community From Moment To Movement

Consumers Want Companies to Unite People PICAT Oct 2020

Young Latinos A Generation of Change Sept 2020

MRI-Simmons, EthniFacts Culture Suite Press Release

MRI-Simmons, EthniFacts Launch Culture Product Suite to Target Consumers through a Cross-Cultural Lens

MRI-Simmons, EthniFacts Personality Profiles Empower Targeting Based on Consumers’ Innate Desires, Aversions

The Marketing Journal: The Opening of the American Mind          

Telemundo FAM Study presented at Ad Week

Racing Toward Diversity

Latino PLUS+ Identity LatinWorks and EthniFacts

Wine Bloggers Announce the 2nd Annual EthniFacts Diversity Scholarship

NBC News Coverage of Tipping Point

PR Newswire: Nielsen and EthniFacts Introduce ICA Segmentation to Understand Total U.S. Cultural Landscape

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