Meet the EthniFacts Leadership Team.

Mike Lakusta

Starting his CPG career at Procter & Gamble in 1979, Mike has worked in multiple senior management and marketing roles during his career at E&J Gallo and within the beverage industry. In his recent role as SVP of International Business Development & Multicultural Marketing for a multibillion dollar beverage company, Mike worked with and advised many major beverage suppliers both domestically & internationally. His service on industry & inter-industry multicultural committees confirmed the common frustration with lack of available research and actionable insights that led to the founding of EthniFacts. Mike's passion for providing predictive insights is matched by his passion for wine and keeping up with his family & 2 globetrotting sons.

Dr. Glenn Cordúa
Chief Assets Officer

Glenn founded and directs the Wine & Spirits Management Institute in the Conrad Hilton College of the University of Houston. Cordua previously co-founded Cordua Restaurant Group, which operates Churrascos, Americas, Artista and Amazon Grill in Houston. Cordua has been active in behavioral research since 1974, and his current work focuses on responsible promotion and service on premise. A native to Nicaragua, Cordua is a Millsaps College graduate, with a doctorate from the University of Mississippi, and a residency in Clinical Psychology from Brown University Medical School.

Guy Garcia
President, New Mainstream Initiatives

Award-winning author, Internet entrepreneur and a noted commentator on social and demographic trends. Guy is the author of the novels, Skin Deep (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) and Obsidian Sky (Simon & Schuster). Garcia’s nonfiction books include, The New Mainstream (Harper Collins), which was hailed as a prescient wake up call and road map to the new multicultural reality in America, and The Decline of Men (Harper Collins), which mapped the mutation of gender roles in the post-feminist age. A three-time National Magazine Awards judge, Garcia is an Edward Albee Fellow, a member of PEN, and the Executor of the Literary Estate of Carlos Fuentes. Self Made, written in conjunction with Nely Galan, was published by Random House in April 2016.

Garcia was a co-founder and Editorial Director of Total New York, a city web site that pioneered the use of geo-based interactive content, live webcasting and virtual avatar environments. Total New York was sold to America Online in 1997. As a Vice President for Content and Programming at AOL, Garcia worked on the development of AOL International, AOL Music, and launched the first iteration of AOL Latino.

A contributor to the Huffington Post, the National Journal, PBS and NPR, Garcia and his work have appeared in Time magazine, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Fortune, Vanity Fair, Ad Age, The Financial Times, the Times of London, ABC, Univision, CNBC, and CNN. He is a frequent speaker and participant at such events as the New Generation Consortium at the Time Warner Center in New York, the Harvard Kennedy Center and Law, Policy and Business Conference in Cambridge, the Disney Ideation Summit in Los Angeles, and the South By Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin. 

Dr. Carlos Arce
Chief Methodologist 

Since 1973, Carlos has conducted research and policy analysis on Hispanic quality of life and well-being; immigrant experiences; and consumption patterns in the Hispanic Market. After a 15-year academic research career, Carlos founded and led several research consultancies, including NuStats and DataSource, both now owned by PTV AG of Karlsruhe, Germany; and Geostats, a geospatial consulting company in Atlanta. He chairs the PepsiCo Latino Advisory Board. A native to Mexico, Carlos is a University of California (Berkeley) graduate and has a doctorate from the University of Michigan.

Adrienne Pulido
VP Strategy & Research

Adrienne owned a research and strategic planning consultancy where she worked on Latino trends and brand assignments. Her client list included AT&T McDonalds, Tecate, Axe, Levi's and various agencies. She was previously COO & Strategy Director at Bromley Communications, where she led strategic assignments for clients like P&G, Capital One, and others. In the '90s, Adrienne was Latin America Strategic Planning Director for DMB&B Americas where she developed training workshops for 16 countries.

Sarah Park
Director of Statistical Services

With over a decade of experience in market research, Sarah plays a fundamental role in building thematic constructs for improved analysis and insights. She is a seasoned statistician and well versed at working with large data sets, including custom analysis on Census PUMS data. She has worked on client projects for AT&T, CocaCola, MinuteMaid, Bank of America, Wachovia, USPS, Playtex and various transportation agencies. A native Texan, Sarah has a Master's degree in Industrial and Organizational psychology from UNC-Charlotte, and a BJ/BA from University of Texas at Austin.

Mariel Schoneman
Market Research Manager & Data Analyst

With EthniFacts, Mariel oversees all fieldwork for projects including on-line, telephone, mobile and intercept research. Mariel brings sophisticated expertise in quantitative survey programming and helps establish guidelines and protocols for consistent, reliable and high quality online panel management. Prior to graduating from the University of Houston, she worked at the Hilton College Wine and Spirits Management Institute which deepened her love of market research. While at the Institute, she handled the initiatives for the TX Department of Agriculture to increase grape production for the state and other research projects. Mariel enjoys real estate ventures and putting her first tier sommelier expertise into practice.