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What does EthniFacts offer that can impact my business?

Syndicated Data

  • PICAT – Semiannual national survey of topical market trends by culture & personality

  • MRI - Full Segments embedded into database (ICA, AFS, Big 5)

  • Simmons - Full Segments embedded into database (ICA, AFS, Big 5)

  • Nielsen Homescan – ICA embedded into database

Exploratory, Learning & Trends

Strategic / Creative Development

Custom Research

  • Qualitative and Quantitative expertise incorporating

  • CulturSort and personality

  • Segmentation studies

  • Market sizing

  • New product opportunities

  • Copy Testing

  • Brand Lift

Market Execution / Activation

Demographic & Mapping Projects

  • Radius and Drivetime Geolocating and mapping with full ACS demo breakdowns

  • Governmental database insight production

Report Writing

  • Proven track record “weaving the story” from complex data (21 Nielsen DIS reports)

Measurement / Scorecard

Digital Activation

  • Digital targeting of audiences employing culture and personality segmentation

  • Big 5 personality creative guidance “Ha, made you look!”

1st Party Database Activation

  • Database identification crosswalking culture and personality to primary consumers

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