Unlocking the power of the New Mainstream

EthniFacts is a company born out of frustration with the lack of available insights and tools for activating the New Mainstream….an America Reimagined where the “general market” no longer exists, but rather a marketplace that reflects and acknowledges consumers of all races and ethnicities as the source of new social trends and business growth and demands activation strategies based on this reality.

Multicultural consumers–and non-ethnic Americans who share their values and attitudes–are at the forefront of a fascinating and fast-growing CulturEdge. At the same time, the nation's 57 million Latinos are showing signs of an ASPIRATIONAL SHIFT toward new attitudes and behaviors that are both 100% "Latino" and 100% "American." By combining advanced research tools and techniques with innovative insights, EthniFacts helps marketers and advertisers unlock the power of the New Mainstream.

Intercultural Affinity

America Reimagined

EthniFacts Provides Insights for Coke's Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign

Coca Cola Hispanic Heritage

Intercultural Affinity Tracker

America By The Numbers

Intelligence Series

Our Rostrum

EthniFacts Press Room

EthniFacts and Remezcla Launch Strategic Partnership

EthniFacts + Nielsen ICA Surrounding the Mexican Beer Phenomena

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