Context: We were posed this question by a Fortune 100 client: “We are producing Spanish dominant ads and general market ads, but believe we’re missing something. Can you help us identify and quantify that?”


Action: EF designed the CLUES study (Culture and Language Use Exploratory Study) to identify gaps in awareness and perceptions to drive creative and communications to underperforming segments.


Result: Awareness levels were highest among Spanish dominant less acculturated Hispanics, but English speaking more acculturated Hispanics were largely underperforming. Result was the creation of Ambicultural campaigns designed to reach young Latinos. Campaign was one of top 5 social media campaigns of that year.


Context: As commencement of the Affordable Healthcare Act approached, the client expected more African Americans and Hispanics to be taking advantage of retail prescription drug services and needed to understand attitudes, behaviors, and drivers of prescription drug retail choices.


Action: EF designed a projectable national study to identify the actionable nuances of communicating with and motivating African American and Hispanic consumers as they make their retail prescription drug choices.


Result: Drivers of primary pharmacy of choice were identified by segment and an action plan was developed for in store activation, messaging, and communications. Plan was implemented as the Affordable Healthcare Act came online.


Context: Many clients are seeking a superior method for segmenting the Hispanic and other ethnic populations. Unidirectional assimilation models are outdated and make poor assumptions leading to inferior decision making.


Action: EF has developed a proprietary segmentation model based on Aspirational Shift in Cultural ID which assesses the mindset of how consumers feel culturally today and how they would like to feel. The model is not unidirectional or static, but rather flows from both directions toward an Ambicultural aspirational comfort zone. The cultural rerouting model of aspiration toward the Ambicultural® middle from both the more ethnic side and from the more American side is a powerful predictor of consumer behavior. Further specific industry or category analysis can detail movement both toward the middle and toward either side.


Result: Understanding the middle Ambicultural® segments and their similarities and differences in interactive and viewing behaviors allows our clients to refine their content, messaging, and total market approach for approaching the highest value target markets. Traditional approaches are questioned and new strategies are devised with the goal of future market share gains based on predictive shift rather that static unidirectional modeling. Utilizing this approach allows clients to be "ahead of the curve" with their messaging, language choices, and media vehicles.


Context: A Global CPG company approached EF to determine how to optimize several of its largest brands to better appeal to all U.S. consumers.


Action: EF developed a methodology that utilized its unique proprietary constructs to create innovative profiles of consumers. The EF team analyzed responses to three separate surveys to discover the imagery of the brand. DemoCasters®, such as Generational Distance and Interethnic Proximity Index were highly directional in targeting the real consumer regardless of race and ethnicity. SocioCasters®, such as Dual Culture Competency and Tech Adoption were strong predictors of behavior. PsychoCasters®, such as Ambiculturalism® and Hustle Factor® were integral to message development within each category and brand.


Result: Using the data provided by EF, our client gained a better understanding of its total consumer base, how to reach this base, and the marketing efforts needed to reach other segments through cultural adjacencies. With the findings provided by EF, our client scheduled in market activations spanning six major markets to energize the brand base and attract new consumers in several of its product categories. This approach has since been sustained and intensified. Since this time, sales of our client's brands in these markets have increased by as much as 75%.