The New Mainstream

EthniFacts partner and futurist, Guy Garcia, introduced the "New Mainstream" into the country's lexicon when he made it the title of his provocative book in 2008, year's before the "Total Market" made headlines. EthniFacts specializes in understanding the composition, attitudes and behaviors of the New Mainstream to uncover insights and actionable learnings. Culture metrics are being created to compare and contrast different population groups; just as cross-cultural measures are devised to enable new perspective about evolving society.

New Mainstream Ambiculturals® are key players at the center of cultural exchange. Ambiculturals thrive in two cultures with ease, appreciate differences, learning, improvement and exchange . Ethnic and non-ethnic ambiculturals are growing while the traditional general market contracts and the traditional ethnic marketplace slows. The shifts are sizable and compelling and require an entirely different perspective about the changing marketplace.

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